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This program provides the structure and support you need in order to decrease chronic inflammation in your body, while you change the way you think about food and exercise, and increase your health and wellbeing. Inflammation is the body’s natural biological response to a harmful stimulus, in an attempt to heal itself. Chronic (long-term) inflammation due to food and lifestyle choices can be quite harmful to our bodies, and can result in the major diseases of aging (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.). This program provides the foundation for addressing the underlying causes of chronic inflammation due to your food and lifestyle choices.

I know that if you could have figured this out on your own, you would have. When it comes to making a desired change, the difference between where we are and where we want to be is what we think we know that is simply not true – not the whole picture.

This personalized program is designed to help you re-think, discover and practice the solutions for reducing chronic inflammation, and feeling and looking your best.

Our effective approach includes these 3 Phases:

Phase 1: Assessment, Education, and Preparation for Phase 2

  1. Assessment to determine where you are now – what’s working, what isn’t & what you want.
  2. Specific recommendations for food and lifestyle changes, and support for how to implement them.
  3. Identify strategies for success with this program.
  4. Nutritional and wellness consultation, for guidance and education:
    • Introducing and preparing for the Elimination Stage
    • Following food review recommendations
    • Increasing self-care
    • Ongoing assessment of other potential stressors and how to deal with these

Phase 2: The Elimination Stage and Continued Education

  1. Begin 21-day Elimination Stage – charting observed changes
  2. Weekly appointments and email support as needed
  3. Continued practice of good self-care and effective stress reduction

Phase 3: Re-Introducing Foods and Discovering Optimal Food Choices

  1. Follow procedure to add in foods that were eliminated, and check for reactions
  2. Weekly appointments and email support as needed
  3. Identify your optimal food choices and practice including them in your meals
  4. Identify strategies for sustained wellbeing
  5. Celebrate your success!

The program includes a comprehensive initial assessment via Intake Form, Questionnaires, and Food Log, Personalized Support as Outlined Above, Along with Online and Written Materials, and Whole Food Nutritional Supplements for Digestive Support.

What You Can Expect

By participating in this program with a clear intention to reduce inflammation in your body, and willingness to learn and practice what we offer, you can expect to transform your relationship with food and lifestyle choices, and reduce inflammation in your body. You can be confident that we are building a safe, comprehensive foundation for improved quality of life. Our program is based on  a sound, sustainable approach that increases health and wellbeing, and reduces stressors, including toxicity and inflammation. Because every one of us is unique, no one can predict any particular results.

I am committed to helping you strengthen your confidence in your own wisdom and ability to know and choose what nourishes you best, and understand more fully the effects your choices have on your health and wellbeing. You will change the way you think about food and health, and change the outcome!

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” John Assaraf

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as well as throughout the U.S. and Canada
via Skype and telephone, with email support!
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