Making Cultured Vegetables

This video features a raw food enthusiast named Jennifer, who is a delight to watch and listen to. Jennifer is with Raw Pleasure in Australia. Her website has some really good information, including the recipes for the three kinds of cultured vegetables she demonstrates in the video.  A forum on the website answers questions that came up in response to this video.

The benefits of eating cultured veggies are numerous, including adding valuable probiotics and enzymes to your body, which can help with yeast imbalances, strengthen you digestive system, boost your immune system and curb your cravings for sweets.

As the video communicates, there are many different ways to make cultured vegetables, and if you follow the basics, you will have a safe, tasty and nourishing product. Use whatever veggies are in abundance locally, in season, or whatever is your best choice out-of-season. My limited experience has been very successful, and I am ready to play again!

Perhaps you will share your own experience with our readers.


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