Nature Heals

CA picnic

There’s something so glorious about being outside on a warm winter day with family and friends, and sharing food! What a joy to be in nature – feeling the warmth of the winter sun – the grassy-sloped earth our picnic blanket. Our eyes take in the beauty of the water below, and the rich blue sky overhead. Even the houses across the pond evoke a sense of gratitude, that humans can live with ready access to more open spaces.

Food that sustains our wellbeing cannot be separated from nature. Our food choices either support our connection with nature – our wholeness and aliveness – or create interference and disconnection from our natural world. And it’s been said that what is truly good for us is good for the earth. In an article about Natural Healing with Natural Foods, Natural Society writer Mike Barrett reminds us that “…nearly all foods are healing foods.”

I invite you to say yes more often to being in nature and eating the food gifts that nature offers  – without altering the essence of the gift.


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