Planterbox Kale – From Seed To Seed

I’ve lost track of just when we planted the kale in the planter boxes on our back porch. For sure, it’s been over a year ago. The kale thrived through the winter here in the southeast. We amended the soil with organic fertilizers and enjoyed the tender leafy greens several times a week.

Several months ago, the plants began to flower. By then, the plant stalks had reached over 5 ft. tall. The plants were still producing tender green leaves which we continued to harvest.


Slowly….magically… the flowers gave way to seed pods. At this point, we were delightfully thinking about the seeds we could collect, dry and save to grow more kale this fall! We are now watching as the pods swell, and will wait for them to dry out and turn brown before we remove them from the stalk to save.


In the meantime we have kale, along with lots of other greens, growing in hay bales in the garden. This is our 1st year experimenting with growing in bales. The yield has been very high,and the bales that are inside stacked pavers are holding up quite well.

For more info on planting in hay or straw bales, here are a few websites:

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