• A boardwalk path through a garden to help visualize the path to weight loss.
  • The

    Weight Loss Program

    A Path of Transformation
    Forever change the way you think about food.
    Change your mind ~ change your body!
  • Do you want to lose weight, but fear you have to give up everything you love to be successful?
  • Do you shudder at the thought of another “diet” or “exercise program?”
  • Feel overwhelmed or alone, or sometimes think that success is hopeless?
  • Longing to feel and look better and let go of some weight?
  • Confused by all the “healthy” food choices and conflicting information?
  • Afraid of failing – again?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, read on

I can help you gain confidence in your wisdom and ability to know and choose what nourishes you best.

I provide support to move through confusion and lethargy into effective action to realize desired changes.

I have knowledge, wisdom and experience in successfully helping clients be healthy and lose weight!

I will teach you why most diets don’t work, and create a personalized plan to help you discover what nourishes and sustains you. This approach is the foundation for lasting weight loss – allowing your body to be its own perfect weight.

Our fresh, effective approach includes 4 Phases:

Phase 1: Comprehensive Assessment and Consultation

  1. Assessment to determine where you are now – what’s working and what isn’t
  2. Clarify your desired outcome, in terms of long-term health and weight
  3. Identify strategies for success with this program

Phase 2: Education and Foundational Changes

  1. Weekly appointments for coaching, guidance and education:
    • Change the way you think about food and your body
    • Eliminate the foods that cause you to hold on to weight
    • Add in other foods that are satisfying and nourishing
    • Look at stressors that might impact your success
    • Re-think “exercise” and other lifestyle choices
    • Create strategies for effectively lowering your stress level
  2. Chart observed changes
  3. Consider other recommendations resulting from the initial assessment
  4. Review educational resources provided

Phase 3: Practice, Fine Tune and Continue Education

  1. Weekly appointments for coaching, guidance and education:
    • Make adjustments in food and lifestyle choices for sustainable weight loss
    • Teach how to check for food reactions
    • Effectively address emotional aspects of weight loss and well-being
    • Discover what nourishes you best, and supports long-term health
  2. Practice a higher level of self-care and effective stress reduction
  3. Continue with all other Phase 2 areas of focus

Phase 4: Strategies for On-Going Success and Completion

  1. Weekly coaching appointments continue as we:
    • Complete any steps from earlier phases where appropriate
    • Assess changes since beginning of the program
    • Identify ongoing intentions and possible next steps
    • Acknowledge and celebrate your successes!

The program includes a comprehensive initial assessment via Intake Forms, questionnaires, and Food Log, personalized support, along with online and written materials – to transform your life.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” John Assaraf

Take action NOW to build the foundation for your success.
These services are offered locally in Spartanburg, SC,
as well as throughout the U.S. and Canada
via Skype and telephone, with email support!
Call now to find out if this program is right for you.
I look forward to talking with you.